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Don't hold down the mouse button while you're moving the cursor around the selection—it works best if you click once to start the selection, and then release and move around the edge. However, if the Lasso doesn't snap to the edge as desired, you can click once to manually add an anchor point.

TRY IT To make the Freeform Pen tool (found behind the Pen tool in the toolbox) magnetic, click the check box labeled Magnetic in the Options bar for the tool. Then, click once within the image to begin creating the path. After starting the path, move the cursor around the outside of the intended selection.

Avoid holding down the mouse button while moving around the path, for best results. Photoshop automatically adds anchor points where necessary, but you can manually add additional anchor points by clicking wherever you want the anchor points to appear.

To edit the options for the Magnetic Freeform Pen tool, click the inverted arrow next to the shape buttons in the Options bar, as shown in Figure 5-10, to reveal the following options:

Curve Fit Use a value between 0.5 and 10.0 pixels; the higher the value, the simpler the path with fewer anchor points.

Width Use a value between 1 and 256 to specify how far away from the cursor edges can be found.

Contrast Use a value between 1% and 100% to specify how sensitive Photoshop should be to edges within an image.

Frequency Use a value between 5 and 40 to specify how often Photoshop should add anchor points.

• Pen Pressure Select this option if you

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