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While merging layers does reduce file size, avoid doing so until you're positive you won't need to edit the content of those layers independently.

TRY IT To merge layers together in Photoshop, first make sure the Layers palette is visible by choosing Window I Layers. Then, you need to rearrange the layers in your Layers palette so the layers you want to merge are stacked on top of one another. In other words, if you want to merge together two layers, named Headshot and New Hat, make sure those two layers are right next to each other in the Layers palette.

Click once on the top layer in the group you want to merge, and do one of the following to merge the currently selected layer with the one below it:

• Choose Layer I Merge Down.

• Click the triangle in the upper-right corner of the Layers palette and choose Merge Down from the flyout menu.

After merging layers, the merged layers take on the name and blending mode of the bottom layer in the group that was merged.

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