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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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This is one feature that is only available in ImageReady. To take advantage of this feature with a file in Photoshop, choose File l Jump To l Adobe ImageReady 7.0 to switch to ImageReady.

TRY IT To link slices, make sure a file with multiple slices is open in ImageReady. SHIFT-click the slices you want to link together and choose Slices I Link Slices. After the slices are linked, an icon appears next to the normal slice icon, indicating the link. Each set of linked slices in a file has different color icons to help you differentiate between them.

When you select a slice and make changes to that slice's optimization settings, those settings take effect for all the slices in the current link set.

To unlink one slice, select the slice and choose Slices I Unlink Slices. To unlink all the slices in a single set, select one slice from the set and choose Slices I Unlink Set. Choose Slices I Unlink All to unlink all slices in all sets of an image.

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