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The Purge command permanently clears from memory the operation stored by the command or buffer; it cannot be undone.

You can also free memory used by Photoshop by deleting unused layers in the Layers palette. If you notice that you have hidden a layer and are no longer using it, why not throw it out? To delete a layer, select the layer and click the trash can icon at the bottom of the palette. Click Yes when the dialog box asks if you want to delete the selected layer. You can also delete a layer by selecting it and clicking the triangle at the top of the Layers palette. A flyout menu will provide options for the selected layer; select Delete Layer.


Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Understanding Adobe Photoshop Features You Will Use

Adobe Photoshop can be a complex tool only because you can do so much with it, however for in this video series, we're going to keep it as simple as possible. In fact, in this video you'll see an overview of the few tools and Adobe Photoshop features we will use. When you see this video, you'll see how you can do so much with so few features, but you'll learn how to use them in depth in the future videos.

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