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For information on how to save a tool preset, see the previous tip, "Create and Save Custom Tool Settings."

TRY IT To use the Preset Manager, choose Window I Tool Presets to open the Tool Presets palette. Then, click the triangle in the upper-right corner and choose Preset Manager from the flyout menu to reveal the following window:

From this window, you can manage not only all tool presets but also the following other saved settings by choosing them from the pop-up menu or pressing the associated key commands:

• Custom Shapes

TRY IT To reorganize the order in which the tool presets display, you can click individual presets and drag and drop them in the same way you move layers within the Layers palette. (Note that you can reorder presets only within the Preset Manager, and not within the actual Tool Presets palette.)

To move more than one preset at the same time, select the first one and hold down the SHIFT key before selecting the additional presets you want to move.

TRY IT To save a group of presets as a library, which can then be loaded into Photoshop on another computer as needed, click the Save Set button on the right side of the Preset Manager. To save select presets, and not all of those currently visible in the Preset Manager, SHIFT-click the presets to highlight them before choosing Save Set. Give the set a name, using the .tpl extension, and designate where to save the file on your hard drive before clicking OK.

To load saved presets, click the Load button on the right side of the Preset Manager and identify the preset library you want to load.

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