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If you use Adobe InDesign for your page layouts, you no longer have to use a lengthy technique such as this one to achieve transparent shadows. The reason is that InDesign 2.0 now allows you to apply editable drop shadows and other transparent effects directly within the program, and you can even import layered Photoshop files.

TRY IT Open the layered file in Photoshop and choose Window I Layers to open the Layers palette. Select the layer housing the object for which you wish to create a drop shadow. Choose Select I All and Edit I Copy to copy it. Then, choose File I New and Edit I Paste to paste the contents into a new document, and press CTRL-E (Windows) or CMD-E (Mac) to merge the layers into a flat document.

Use the selection and/or pen tools to make sure just the object for which you wish to make the shadow is selected. Choose Window I Paths to reveal the Paths palette. Right-click (Windows) or OPTION-click (Mac) within the selected area and choose Make Work Path. Leave the Tolerance set to 2.0 and click OK.

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Photoshop CS Mastery

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