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Because of the sister relationship between Photoshop/ImageReady and GoLive, there are significant benefits to using layered and sliced Photoshop files with GoLive. Regardless of which method you choose, there are several tips at the end of this chapter that provide more information.

Web Slices

When you save web designs containing slices, the program saves each slice as an independent graphic. This means that although you may start with a single-layered Photoshop file, you'll end up with multiple optimized web graphics. For example, in the case of the following file used to build a basic navigation system for a web site, I ended up with nine files—one logo and eight buttons.

Layer-based slice

User slice

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Auto slice Active slice

In Photoshop and ImageReady, there are three main types of slices, each identified with a different icon:

• User slices Created with the Slice tool

• Layer-based slices Created from layers and based on the contents of the layer; if the size of the layer's contents changes, so will the size of the slice

• Auto slices Created from the leftover space not used by user or layer-based slices

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