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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Even if you choose to display other layers in the Liquify dialog box, they aren't edited when you edit the active layer.

When you're satisfied with the changes so far, click OK to apply the changes to the active layer. To continue a progression of effects, repeat the entire process (beginning with the duplication of the original layer) as many times as needed. When you're finished, jump to ImageReady if you're in Photoshop. Then, choose Window I Animation to display the Animation palette. From the palette menu, choose Make Frames From Layers to turn each of your liquified layers into a frame in the animation, as I did in Figure 11-1. Refer to previous tips in this chapter for details on editing and optimizing the animation.

Figure 11-1 I used the Liquify command to distort this birthday cake several times, to give it the appearance of being sucked into itself.

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