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Unless you want to attach a color profile to the file—'which probably can't be read by your client unless they have Photoshop—uncheck the box labeled ICC Profile under Color in the Save As dialog box.

When saving a copy as a high-quality JPEG for client review, you aren't concerned so much with file size as you might be when saving final JPEGs for a web site. So, you can feel safe creating a fairly large file by using a Quality setting of 8 (High) or above (Maximum). You can leave the rest of the options at their defaults—Matte: None, Format Options: Baseline ("Standard")—and click OK.

At this point, you can e-mail the file to your client, or post it to a web site for review. When doing so, it's a good idea to add a note that this file is displayed for "comping" purposes only and is not indicative of the final file size or exact colors.

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