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While this tip discusses using the Stroke command to stroke selections, you can also use the Stroke layer style to stroke the contents of an entire layer. This is discussed in more detail in Chapter 6.


To stroke a selection and create a quick border, first make sure the color you want the border to be is visible in the foreground swatch of the toolbox. Then, make a selection in an open document in Photoshop with one of the selection tools.

After making a selection, choose Edit I Stroke to reveal an options window similar to this one:

I like to first create a new layer (choose Layer | New | Layer) on which to place my border so I can easily delete or edit it later if needed.


Location O Inside ® Center O Outside


Opacity: 1100 | % □ Preserve Transparency


For Width, specify how wide you'd like your border to be, from 1 to 16 pixels. You can also change the color of the border by clicking within the colored box next to Color and specifying a new color.

For Location, specify where you'd like to place the border in reference to the existing selection— Inside, Center, or Outside. For Blending, specify how the color of the border should affect the color(s) beneath, as necessary.

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