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Text created like this is also called point type because it's treated as a single line of text only. To create multiple lines of text that can be edited as a whole, see the tip "Create and Modify Multiple Lines Text" later in the chapter.

TRY IT To switch the display of the letter from being one on top of another to side by side, click the small triangle in the upper-right corner of the Character palette to reveal the palette menu. Uncheck the option Rotate Character to cause your text to display side by side.

[j j

|ScalaSans |*||Regular |T|

Dock to Palette Well

Faux Hold Faux Italic

T 111 JA Fl* I'l

* 1" l'| ii |o I'l

it |100K i t Jioox

Change Text Orientation

a? I'lpl 1 Color: ]

All Caps Small Caps Superscript Subscript

t| r | tt tt|t' t,| III *|

1 English: USA : | aa shute - |

Underline Left Underline Right Strike th rough

Di s c r eti o n a ry Li g atu re s Old style

✓ Fractional Widths System Layout

No Break

Reset Character

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