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How To Render Cars In Photoshop

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Extensis has unfortunately discontinued PhotoGraphics,. However, you can still download it from www.download.com. (Search for PhotoGraphics to appropriate plug-in for your operating system.)

TRY IT To create text along a path using Extensis PhotoGraphics, first make sure the tool is loaded and available from within Photoshop. Before launching PhotoGraphics, choose Window I Layers and click on the layer you want to see when working in PhotoGraphics. Then, launch the tool by choosing Filter I Extensis I PhotoGraphics from the top menu in Photoshop to reveal a set of windows similar to those shown in Figure 7-13.

Use the Pen tool to draw a path however you want it to appear. Because the tool is similar to the Pen tool in Photoshop, you use it in basically the same way. Click the Options tab in the floating palette to reveal options for the Pen tool.

After you're finished drawing the path along which you want the type to run, click the Type tool, click the path wherever you want the type to begin, and start typing. Use the Text palette and other aspects of PhotoGraphics to adjust the text as needed.

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