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Don't let the name "preset" throw you—brush presets are just brushes saved with certain settings in Photoshop.

TRY IT To access the brush presets, click a tool requiring a brush (such as the Brush or Pencil tool) and perform one of the following:

• Choose Window I Brushes and click the first option on the left side, labeled Brush Presets, to reveal a display similar to the one shown in Figure 8-12.

• Click the brush sample display in the Options bar to reveal the Brush pop-up palette, which is shown in Figure 8-13.

After performing either task, you'll be presented with a list of brushes, which by default begins with a single-pixel, hard-edged round brush. Scroll down the list to see and access additional brushes. Click once on any brush to activate it. You can edit the settings of a preset brush by choosing from the various options along the left side of the Brushes palette.

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