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To make the Selected state active when the web page is first loaded into the web browser, such as when the user has clicked a link from the home page and is now viewing the corresponding page, double-click the area's name in the Rollovers palette and select Use As Default Selected State below Selected.

When you have additional states visible in the Rollovers palette, it's time to edit how the image looks in each of those states. This process is very similar to adding animation frames—click the state in the

Rollovers palette to activate it and then toggle the layers in the Layers palette on and off, create new layers, and move elements around until you're satisfied with the change from one state to another. (For more tips on editing, previewing, and optimizing rollovers, see the following tips.)

the layer Normal Button is visible the layer Normal Button is visible

For the Over State, I edited the layers so the Over Button layer is visible (it contains the button in a different color)

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