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Pressing ALT-H (Windows) or CMD-H (Mac) can temporarily hide those dancing ants and make it easy to forget that a selection is active. An easy way to quickly determine if there are any active, yet hidden, selections in a document is to choose Select from the top menu and look at the option to Deselect. If that option is available, then a selection is active and perhaps hidden.

TRY IT To load a selection at a later time, choose Select I Load Selection and specify the name of the selection to load from the Channel drop-down menu. When loading a selection, keep the following in mind:


1. You can load selections into the same layer from which they were selected or any other layer within the file.

2. You can load the opposite of any selection by clicking the check box next to Invert in the Load Selection dialog box.

3. If you have multiple files open that are the exact same size, you can load a selection from one file into another open file by specifying the source document in the Source drop-down menu.

To quickly load the contents of an existing layer as a "selection," hold down the ALT (Windows) or CMD (Mac) key and click the layer in question.

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