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When you name a layer, you can also assign it a color. By assigning similar layers or groups of layers the same color, you can color-code your Layers palette and make it even easier to manage.

After naming a layer, the new name appears in the Layers palette. Whether or not the entire name is displayed in the Layers palette at once depends on the width of the Layers palette window and the length of the layer name. If you can't see the entire name of a particular layer, you can move your cursor over the layer name and leave it there for a few seconds. If there's enough room, Photoshop tries to show you the entire layer name in a tool tip.

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Figure 6-3 You can name a layer from within the New Layer dialog box.

TRY IT To name a layer after it's been created, first make sure the Layers palette is open by choosing Windows | Layers and then perform any of the following tasks:

• Double-click the layer name in the Layers palette and type the new layer name right within the Layers palette.

• Click once on the layer within the Layers palette and choose Layer Properties from the palette menu accessible from the upper-right corner of the palette.

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