Add Layer Styles for Quick and Easy Rollover Effects

In Chapter 6 I discussed using layer styles to add effects such as drop shadows and glows to layers of content. You can do the same thing to create quick and easy rollover effects. For example, you can add a drop shadow to a button so it only appears when the user moves the cursor over the button.

TRY IT To add a layer style as a rollover effect, first follow the steps discussed in the previous tip to prepare your document for rollovers. When you're ready to add the layer style, select the state to which you want to add the style by clicking it in the Rollovers palette. (If you haven't yet created a new rollover state, click the Create Rollover State button in the palette. Right-click [Windows] or CTRL-click [Mac] to specify the exact state to add.)

Next, switch to the Layers palette and select the layer containing the element to which you want to add the style. (If the element is not on its own layer, use the selection tools to select it and choose Layer | New | Layer Via Cut to put it on its own layer.)

Click the Add Layer Style button at the bottom of the Layers palette and select the style you wish to add. In the Layers palette, double-click the name of the layer style you added to customize the effect as needed.

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