^Calibrate Your Monitor

Chances are, your computer monitor is different from mine, different from your prepress professional's, and different from your printer's. This means we are all seeing things just a little differently. And even if all our monitors were universally calibrated to display exactly the same thing, there would still be variables such as inside lighting that would affect how things appear on my screen versus yours. The trick is to set up your screen for your environment. Let your prepress professional and your printer deal with their monitors. What's most important is how you are seeing color based on hard-proofs (paper printouts). Many times, your printer will have a portable color box or an on-location color-corrected environment for viewing final color before your document goes to print. Let this be your ultimate judge of color.

Most monitors come with a few control buttons on the actual screen. Usually, they allow you to play around with the brightness and contrast (how white your whites are), the horizontal and vertical space, and so forth. Your monitor should come with a user's manual; it's a good idea to read about features that might enhance your work.

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