^Control How Words Wrap Across Lines in Paragraphs

When you create paragraphs of text, the default is that the right edge of each paragraph is ragged, or not aligned, because one line of the paragraph may have more than another. However, if you choose to justify the lines of a paragraph, the program attempts to force those lines to align on both the left and right sides. To do this, some letters, words, or individual character glyphs may need to be expanded or compressed.

TRY IT To specify which type of justification (if any) should be used for a paragraph, click once on the type layer within the Layers palette to make it active (choose Window I Layers to display this palette). Then, choose Window I Paragraph to display the Paragraph palette.

The last four of the seven button icons across the top of the palette deal with justification, and provide visual clues as to what each button does. For example, click the Justify Last Left button to force all the lines of the paragraph except the last one to align on both the left and right edges. With this setting, the last line is aligned left, but left ragged on the right side. Click one of these buttons to first specify how your paragraph should be justified.

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