Copy and Paste the Contents of Frames

In ImageReady, a frame of animation is really like a snapshot of the Layers palette at a specific time in the file's history. For example, Frame 1 might display Layers 2 and 3 but not Layer 1, while Frame 2 might display just Layer 1.

If at any time you want to copy how the layers are displayed in one frame and paste that snapshot into another frame, you can use the copy and paste commands in the Animation palette. You can also use this technique to copy and paste frames between different animation files altogether.

TRY IT To copy a frame you will paste elsewhere, follow these steps:

1. Click once on the frame in the Animation palette to select it.

1. Click once on the frame in the Animation palette to select it.

2. Choose Copy Frame(s) from the Animation palette menu (accessible by clicking the small triangle in the upper-right corner of the palette).

3. Select the frame on which or next to which copied files should be pasted.

To paste the selected frame(s), choose Paste Frame(s) from the Animation palette menu, specify the appropriate Paste method (described next), and then click OK:

• Choose Replace Frames to replace the selected frames with those you copied. This doesn't create any new layers in the file (unless you're pasting into a totally different file). Instead, it updates the selected frames to reflect the layer settings from the copied frames.

• Choose Paste Over Selection to add the elements of the copied layers as new layers in the file. So if you use Paste Over Selection in the same file, you end up with double the number of layers. Then, those new layers are only made visible in the frames you selected to paste over.

• Choose Paste Before Selection or Paste After Selection to paste the copied frames before or after the selected frames in the Animation palette. In most cases, this does not add any new layers to your file.

• Choose Link Added Layers to link all pasted layers together, if you're pasting more than one.

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