Copy Selections from One Image/Application to Another

When working with a file in Photoshop, you're not limited to using only elements within that file or, for that matter, within that application. Because most computers have a feature called the Clipboard, files from one application can be copied and pasted into another. This includes pieces or selections of files.

TRY IT To copy a selection between files, you have several options:

• Make a selection within the file from which you want to copy and choose Edit I Copy. Then, switch to the file you want to paste into and choose Edit I Paste. Note that Photoshop always pastes onto new layers.

• Make a selection within the file from which you want to copy. Switch to the Move tool and click and hold within the boundaries of the selection and drag it out of that file and into the file into which you want to paste it. Note that this really only works if both files are open and visible on the screen at the same time.

When you choose the Copy command in Photoshop, it only copies the contents of the currently active layer by default. To make a copy of the content within a selection from all layers in the file, choose File I Copy Merged instead of File I Copy.

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