^Create a Fake Duotone

Creating a true duotone is discussed in Chapter 12 . If your project calls for a limited color palette and you wish to incorporate the use of a duotone image, you should adhere to those guidelines. However, you can also create fake duotones in Photoshop—purely for the sake of creativity and not because of any printing requirements—simply by adjusting the Hue/Saturation of the image. Compare the difference in the photos in Figure 9-1. The one on the left is a true duotone while the one on the right is a fake. To view Figure 9-1 in color, refer to the Creative Effects section of the color insert.

TRY IT To create a fake duotone, make sure the image you wish to affect is open in Photoshop and select Image I Adjustments I Hue/Saturation. When the dialog box pops up, make sure the Colorize box is checked, and then adjust the sliders to create the color scheme you desire.

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Learn Photoshop Now

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