Create a New Swatch in the Swatches Palette

Perhaps you have negotiated with your printer to use a custom ink mix. For example, you need to match a beige perfectly, and not one of the thousands of premixed inks out there seems to match, so you and your printer have come up with your own mix.

TRY IT Have the printer give you a CMYK color breakdown and then follow these steps:

1. Make sure the color you want to add is currently visible in the foreground color swatch. If it isn't, click once on the foreground color swatch from within the toolbox and specify the color coordinates in the color picker.

2. In the Swatches palette, click the triangle and select New Swatch. A dialog box will appear with a small color box and a text bar for you to name your new special mix.

3. Name your special ink mix.

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