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If you need to quickly create one or more web pages, each containing thumbnail images that are linked to larger copies, Photoshop has a simple way to do it for you. There are even several different templates available—one of which is shown in Figure 11-6—so you even achieve some variety if you need to create more than one web photo gallery.

The greatest benefit of web photo galleries created in Photoshop is that someone who knows little to no HTML can in effect create an entire web site, complete with an e-mail link, to house a portfolio of images. Photoshop even gives you the chance to embed copyright information to prevent the theft of your images.

Figure 11-6 This is a quick web photo gallery I created using the template called Horizontal Light.

TRY IT Before you can create a web photo gallery, you need to place all the images you want displayed in the same folder on your computer. Next, make sure the filenames are correct, because they'll be displayed below or next to the image in the gallery. You also need to create another folder, outside of the folder housing the images, where Photoshop can save all the necessary files for the gallery.

Finally, open each file in Photoshop and choose File | File Info to add the following bits of information used in the gallery:

When you're ready to have Photoshop create the actual gallery, choose File I Automate I Web Photo Gallery and edit the settings as needed:

Well Photo Gallery

Styles: [ Horizontal! tiqlit

Email: cm a il<3eni ail.com


| CIIOOS&... j Maelht&sh H? :Pfiolo Archive :carinna: 0 Include All Subtolders

Options: | Thumbnails i |

Titles Use: 0 Filename 0 Title

0 Caption 0 Copyright

0 Credits

Tont: Allal

Cancel |



& Some of the options may no) appJy to this Style.

& Some of the options may no) appJy to this Style.

• Enter your e-mail address if you want it to be visible on the web pages.

• Choose from the first menu in the Options section to edit the options for Banner (including the gallery title), Large Images, Thumbnails, Custom Colors, and Security.

• Under Thumbnails and Large Images, specify which of the items you entered in the File Info dialog box to include next to the image in the gallery.

After you click OK, Photoshop goes through the process of creating the various images (at the sizes specified) as well as the necessary HTML files. If you want to, you can then upload the entire folder containing images and HTML to your web server to make the web gallery live.

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