Create Rollover Styles to Speed Development of Navigation Systems

When you create navigation systems for web pages, it's common to apply the same rollover effects to multiple icons or buttons in that system. For example, in this navigation system, I have eight buttons, and for each I need to create three states—normal (blue button), over (yellow button), and selected (blue button with yellow outline).

If I were to do this by hand, it would take a little bit of time to create all 24 rollover states. Because each of the things I want to accomplish (changing color and adding an outline) can be achieved with layer styles (Color Overlay and Stroke), I can use the technique discussed in the previous tip to save time.

But to really speed up the process, I can create the three states for a single button and then save those states as a predefined rollover style in the Styles palette. After saving my rollover style, I can easily apply it to all of the other seven buttons with a single click.

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