Create Your Own Swatch Libraries

In addition to using predefined swatch libraries as described in the preceding tip, you can also create your own swatches and swatch libraries. This technique is especially useful when you want to create a custom palette, for example, housing all the colors used in a particular web design project, such as the library shown in Figure 1-5.

TRY IT You create your own swatches using the color in the foreground swatch by placing the pointer over a blank space in the Swatches palette and clicking. You'll notice that the pointer changes to a paint bucket when it's over a blank space, indicating you can "fill" the blank space with the current foreground color.

After clicking in the Swatches palette, you're given an opportunity to name your swatch. Keep in mind that the name is the text that appears when you hold the mouse over the swatch for a few seconds (as shown in Figure 1-5). To rename a swatch, simply double-click it and give it a new name.

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