Customizing Photoshop for Print Design


► Use Grayscale and Bitmap Modes for Black and White Images 41

► Set Up Your Swatches Palettes to Be Job-Specific 42

► Customize the Display of Your Swatches for Print Design 44

► Create a New Swatch in the Swatches Palette 44

► Use the Foreground and Background Colors for Quick Color Changes 45

► Calibrate Your Monitor 46

► Make the Color Management Settings Print-Specific 48

► Allocate More Memory to Photoshop 49

► Create a New Print Design File in Photoshop 51

► Customize Preferences for Print Design 52

► Maximize Your Screen Space, Minimize Palette Clutter 53

► Use the Rulers, Guides, and Grids 54

► Improve Performance by Freeing Memory 57

This chapter begins with two large disclaimers. An obvious statement to some, a gentle reminder to all: Photoshop is a tool, in the same way colored pencils might be a tool for a fine artist. It is a wonderful, powerful tool that is increasingly capable of producing extravagant, intensely creative images and graphics, but you (the designer) are in charge of how this tool is used.

The second disclaimer is targeted at the print designer: Photoshop is not a final page-layout program. I state this early on because with each version update, print designers tend to spend more "creation" time in Photoshop due to the increased possibilities, including positioning type (previously visually risky in this program). Because of this, when it's time to import the created images or graphics into the final page-layout program, often very little time is spent considering the impact Photoshop "creations" will have when the ink actually hits the printed page.

Having stated those two disclaimers, I'd like to move past the sternness of that introduction and say: Photoshop is fun! Photoshop 7.0 can create graphics never before dreamed of. It's a visual field trip for graphic designers, a "laboratory" for limitlessly experimenting with effects upon effects. You will impress yourself with very little effort. Think of what your clients will say.

This chapter focuses on the continually cool things Photoshop 7.0 allows you to bring to your print documents. It is ridiculous to say that within these pages you will find all the instruction you need to exhaust the limitless opportunities Photoshop 7.0 presents to you. Let me reiterate the word limitless.

You are the designer. In other words, you are the user of the tools, the creator of the yet uncreated. As limitless as the opportunities are, so are your design projects, problems, and solutions. As a designer, do what you do best—design! Let these pages serve merely as a compass as you set out to design the unknown. Let these tips and tricks serve as guidelines to help you out along the way and reminders of how to best reach your final destination (the printed page).

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