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Whereas the previous tip discussed dragging and dropping files into Photoshop, this one discusses the opposite—dragging and dropping files from Photoshop into other programs. In particular, I find it quite useful to drag and drop print graphics from Photoshop right into Adobe InDesign.

Although you still want to save a copy in a print-ready format such as TIFF or EPS, you can save some time by dragging it into InDesign instead of closing the file in Photoshop and then reopening it in the other program. InDesign treats elements that are dropped into its page layouts as "links" that can be easily updated.

TRY IT To drag and drop content from Photoshop into another program, such as InDesign, first create or open the file in the other program to give yourself a place in which to "drop" the Photoshop image. Minimize or shrink that program's document window so you can see both it and your Photoshop file at the same time. (Minimize or shrink the Photoshop window too if needed.)

Once you can see both files at the same time (or at least portions of both), return to Photoshop and select the Move tool from the toolbox. In the Layers palette, activate the layer containing the content you want to drag. Within the document window, click and drag the image from that window into your document in the other program.

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