Drawing and Painting


► Use Brush Presets 257

► Load Additional Shapes 261

► Load Additional Patterns 263

► Create and Save Custom Brush Tips, Shapes, and Patterns 264

► Create and Save Custom Brushes 266

► Create and Save Custom Tool Settings 267

► Use the Preset Manager to Manage Saved Tool Settings 268

► Use Photoshop's Pattern Maker 271

► Paint with Patterns 274

► Paint with Texture 275

► Paint with Two Brushes at Once 278

► Scatter Brush Strokes to Achieve Unique Paint Textures 279

► Vary Paint Settings According to Pen Pressure 281

► Change the Brush Size with One Click 283

► Use the Blur and Sharpen Tools to Adjust the Focus Within Small Areas of an Image 284

Use the Smudge Tool to Enlarge an Image's Canvas Size


Use the Dodge and Burn Tools to Adjust the Exposure of an Image


Change the Blending Mode to Paint Highlights and Shadows


Duplicate Part of an Image with the Clone Stamp


Remove Blemishes with the Patch and Healing Brush Tools


Restore Part of an Image to the Previously Saved Version


Use the History Brushes to Combine Creative Effects


Add Layer Styles to Shapes for Quick and Easy Buttons


Use Font Dingbats for Easy Icons


Drawing and painting in Photoshop not only are fun, but also are quite easy to do with Photoshop's wide variety of tools. The first part of this chapter identifies each of the painting and image editing tools in Photoshop, as well as the tools used to draw shapes. From there, the discussion moves on to the palettes involved, specifically the new Brushes and Tool Presets palettes, before listing many techniques and tips for using these tools and palettes.

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