Edit a Duotone Curve

In a duotone image, each ink has a separate curve that specifies how the color is distributed across the shadows and highlights. This curve maps each grayscale value in the original image to a specific ink percentage. The default duotone curve, a straight diagonal line, indicates that the grayscale values in the original image map to equal percentages of ink. At this setting, a 50 percent midtone pixel prints with a 50 percent tint of the ink, a 100 percent shadow is printed in 100 percent color, and so on.

TRY IT To edit the duotone curve, make sure the Duotone dialog box is open, and click the curve box next to the ink color box. Drag a point on the graph. (Usually, eyeballing the effects with the "preview" box selected gives you a good idea of how the percentage values affect your image.) Click Save in the Duotone Curve dialog box to save curves created with this dialog box. Repeat this procedure for each ink color, and click OK.

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