^Enable Workgroup Functionality

If you're a web designer working on a project with a team of designers, it may be beneficial for you to enable workgroup functionality within Photoshop. This feature allows multiple users to share files that are located on a special type of server, called a WebDAV server (WebDAV stands for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning).

The benefits of using workgroup functionality like this include the following:

• Users must check out a file before using it and check in a file before anyone else can use it, which means that only one person can be using a file at any given time. This prohibits one designer from overwriting another designer's work on a file.

• Traffic on a file is typically logged. This helps keep track of who made changes when.

• One master copy of a file is kept in a central location.

As with any new feature, there are always a few drawbacks as well. For example, while it might be easy to share small GIF and JPEG files over the Internet, can you imagine having to download a 20MB Photoshop file from the Internet every time you want to work on it? Of course, if you're using a high-speed connection, this would not be a problem, but for anyone connecting over a telephone modem, this might be a bit of an inconvenience.

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