^Export Cache from the File Browser for Speedy Image Previews

When you view a folder of images in the File Browser, Photoshop creates thumbnail previews for those images (even if they weren't saved with the original file). These previews are then saved in the cache file for the File Browser. Unfortunately, if the cache file is deleted for whatever reason (perhaps you purge it to free up memory or you view the folder from a different computer), Photoshop has to re-create these previews, causing the process to become quite slow.

Luckily, you can export a copy of that cache file into the folder with the images. This is particularly beneficial if you plan to burn a CD of the images, for example, because the exported cache file will enable anyone viewing the CD to benefit from speedy image previews.

TRY IT To export the cache from the File Browser, first choose View I File Browser or click the File Browser in the Palette Well to make the File Browser visible. Then, navigate through the directory structure until you're viewing the folder of images for which you want to export the cache.

Click the triangle in the upper-right corner of the File Browser and select Export Cache from the flyout menu. (If you're viewing the File Browser while it's docked in the Palette Well, the triangle appears just to the right of the File Browser title.)

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