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When you import sliced Photoshop files into GoLive using the technique described in the previous tip, the file is placed as if it were a flattened Photoshop file. In other words, the individual layers in Photoshop are ignored. Suppose you wanted to import the text and graphic behind it separately, so they could each be moved independently on the web page in GoLive. To achieve this, you can actually import the layered Photoshop file right into GoLive.

While GoLive typically uses HTML table tags to organize slices from Photoshop files, layered Photoshop files are handled differently. Instead of static HTML table tags, GoLive uses Dynamic HTML (DHTML) to lay out the individual elements, which are called floating boxes in GoLive. The benefit of using DHTML is that each element's movements can be dynamically scripted on the page. For example, you could script a section of the page to disappear when a user clicks a certain button.

The drawback in using DHTML to lay out a page is that it's not fully supported by all the browsers your site's visitors may be using. For more information on DHTML and the browsers that support it, visit hotwired.lycos.com/webmonkey/authoring/dynamic_html/ or www.webreference.com/dhtml.


To import a layered Photoshop file into GoLive to build DHTML code, open the page to which you want to add the file in GoLive. Or choose File I New Page to create a new page layout. Choose File I Import I Photoshop Layers To Floating Boxes. Select the layered Photoshop file you want to import and then specify the folder where GoLive should save the optimized files.

Next, GoLive opens the Save For Web dialog box to give you a chance to specify optimization settings for each layer in the image, starting with the lowest layer (usually the Background layer).

Make changes to the optimization settings as needed and then click Save. Repeat these steps until all the layers of your file have been optimized and are displayed in GoLive. If you don't want to import one of the layers in your file, click Cancel in the Save For Web dialog box when you see that layer appear. Only that layer will be cancelled, and you can continue optimizing the rest of the layers in the file.

To quickly optimize all remaining layers in a file with the same (current) optimization settings, hold down the CTRL key while clicking Save. Likewise, to cancel the optimization of all remaining layers (instead of just the current one), CTRL-click the Cancel button.

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