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If you have a target file size in mind when optimizing web graphics, you can actually tell Photoshop or ImageReady that file size, and the program will generate an optimized file with the settings required to reach that file size. In fact, if you let it, the program will also choose for you whether the file should be saved as a GIF or JPEG.


To optimize by file size, first make sure the file you want to optimize is open in Photoshop or ImageReady. In Photoshop choose Save For Web. In ImageReady click the Optimized tab and choose Window I Optimize to display the Optimize palette. Click the small triangle in the upper-right corner of the Optimize palette (ImageReady) or the Optimize panel in the Save For Web dialog box (Photoshop) and choose Optimize To File Size.

In the dialog box that appears, enter the file size to which you want to optimize the file. To allow the program to choose between GIF or JPEG, click the second button below the file size. Otherwise, leave the first option selected to use the current settings in the Optimize panel (Photoshop) or palette (ImageReady). Click OK to see the results.


If you use the 4-Up tab, Photoshop will also generate two additional optimized versions of the image, each with incrementally smaller file sizes than you entered.

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