^Preview an Animation and Adjust the Timing

You don't have to wait until your animation is optimized and saved as a GIF to view it. In fact, you may have noticed a few buttons at the bottom of the Animation palette that look similar to those on your VCR—and they're well suited for the purpose of previewing an animation file.

TRY IT To preview an animation in ImageReady, make sure the animation is open and choose

Window | Animation to display the Animation palette, if it isn't already visible. Click the appropriate button at the bottom of the palette to begin playing the animation.






Return to first frame

Step back one frame

Step forward one frame

Number of Play times to repeat animation animation

To stop playing, click the Stop button, which (when the file is being played) appears in the same location the Play button previously did.

To adjust the time delay between each frame, click the current time amount (which is "0.0 sec" by default) and select a new time from the list, or choose Other to specify your own duration. When specifying a time delay, you're identifying how long to view the current image before changing to the new one.

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