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As Photoshop's text-handling capabilities increase, so do the number of people using it as a print-layout tool. When you do use Photoshop as a print-layout tool, you'll likely be printing directly from Photoshop, as opposed to the more traditional route of printing from a page-layout program such as Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. In cases like this, use Photoshop's Print With Preview command to specify print options before actually sending the file to your printer.

TRY IT To print files directly from Photoshop, ensure the file is ready to be printed and choose File I Print With Preview to access the Print dialog box. At the bottom of that dialog box, select Show More Options to display a window similar to this one, where you can adjust the settings as needed.

• For Position, place a check mark next to Center Image to center the image in the middle of the available page space.

• For Scaled Print Size, adjust the scale as needed, or select Scale To Fit Media to force Photoshop to scale the design up or down to fit the page size. Alternatively, select Show Bounding Box and then click and drag an edge or corner of the bounding box in the preview window to scale the design dynamically.

• Select Background to add a background color in the space on the paper around your image. (Note, this color will only print up to your paper's margins.)

• Select Border to add a black border around the outer edge of the design when it's printed.

• Select Bleed to print crop marks inside the edges of the image as opposed to outside the edges (which is the default). This option is important if the size of your image was increased to include a bleed amount, and thus your final printout needs to be cut down to a smaller size.

• Select Screen to specify your halftone screen options. (See the next tip for more details on this option.)

• Select Transfer to specify transfer functions used for adjusting the dot gain or loss that sometimes occurs when an image is output to film. In the vast majority of cases, you can leave these options at the default Photoshop values, unless otherwise specified by the professionals at your print shop.

• Select Interpolation to allow the printer to anti-alias the edges of a low-resolution image. If your printer supports this option—most PostScript Level 2 and higher printers do—it can be useful in reducing jagged edges of low-resolution files. However, it may also reduce the clarity of the image when printed.

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