Quick Tip 100

The preview window in the 3D Transform filter shows you the object in black and white, even if it's in color in your original document. So if your object is white or a light color, as my snowflakes were when applied to the Christmas balls, I suggest temporarily filling the object layer with a darker color. This will enable you to more easily see and manipulate the object in the 3D Transform preview window.

When you're ready to transform the object, choose Filter I Render I 3D Transform and perform the following steps:

1. Select the Magnifying Glass and zoom in on your object if it's hard to see.

2. Select one of the three wireframe tools—Cube, Sphere, or Cylinder—to map the object to the appropriate shape.

3. Click and drag inside the preview window with your wireframe tool to draw the shape to which you want to map your object.

4. Use the Selection tool (shaped like a filled arrow) to move the wireframe over the object as needed.

5. Use the Direct Selection tool (shaped like an empty arrow) to edit the anchor points and reshape the wireframe as needed. (The Add Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point, and Convert Anchor Point tools can also be used to reshape wireframes. These tools work similarly to the Pen tools in the Photoshop toolbox.)

6. If you want to delete the current wireframe and start over, use the Selection tool to select it and press BACKSPACE (Windows) or DELETE (Mac) on your keyboard.

7. To move the object with its wireframe on an even plane, use the Pan Camera tool. (This is the same as if you were holding a camera in your hands while moving around an object before photographing it.)

8. To rotate the object within its wireframe (as I did with the snowflake in Figure 9-10), use the Trackball tool and drag around the object.

9. To move the object farther from or closer to you, edit the Dolly Camera value by entering a number between 0 and 99 or dragging the slider.

10. If the transformed object becomes too large or small in the available space, edit the Field Of View value by entering a number between 1 and 130 or dragging the slider (which is displayed when you click the small triangle to the right of the value).

Sphere wire frame-

Cube wire -frame

Cylinder — wire frame

Pan Camera


3D Transform





Field of View : 35





Figure 9-10 I used the 3D Transform filter to rotate my snowflakes on the Christmas balls.

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