Quick Tip 104

Layer-based slices are particularly useful when the content of your slice is tied directly to a single layer. The benefit in using a layer-based slice over a regular hand-drawn slice is that layer-based slices automatically change their size whenever the contents of the layers to which they are tied change.

• If you have guides drawn and want to have the program automatically generate slices based on those guides, in Photoshop select the Slice tool and click Slices From Guides in the Options bar. In ImageReady choose Slices I Create Slices From Guides. (Note, this really only works well if you have just a few guides drawn and any slices you wish to create don't overlap those guides. The reason is that Photoshop creates a slice in every single space outlined by guides, which often means a lot of slice deleting if you didn't need them all.)

After creating your slices, select the Slice Select tool from the toolbox, or press SHIFT-K on your keyboard. Double-click each slice to activate the Slice Options window in Photoshop (see Figure 10-1) or the Slice palette in ImageReady (see Figure 10-2) to specify the following details about your slice:

• Specify a URL if the slice is a link and you plan to have the program output your HTML code; add a frame or window name next to Target to specify where the link should open

• Specify whether the slice indicates an Image or other web page element (No Image)

• Specify any text to be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the browser when the user moves the cursor over the image (used if the program outputs the HTML)

• Specify the background type for the slice

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