Quick Tip 121

If you only want to print a portion of a design, use the Marquee tool to first select the area to be printed, before choosing File I Print With Preview. Then, in the Print dialog box, select Print Selected Area. Or to print only the contents of one layer (or a few layers), turn off any layers containing elements you don't want printed before choosing File I Print With Preview.

• Specify the Encoding method—Binary, ASCII, or JPEG. Binary is the most common and therefore the default. However, some print drivers don't support the binary encoding method. In these cases, ASCII is likely the best alternative. Be forewarned that ASCII files are quite a bit larger and will require more time to process and print. JPEG-encoded files are smaller than both ASCII and binary-encoded files, but the JPEG encoding also decreases image quality and is not supported by PostScript Level 1 printers.

• Select Color Management to specify the source color profile and the print color profile, if different.

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