Your zero/zero points or X,Y coordinates are set from the upper-left corner of your image. You can change the location of these by clicking the small box in the upper-left corner and pulling them out to wherever you wish their origin to be. The zero/zero points on your ruler will begin where you released. This is helpful particularly if you need to crop a certain portion of your image and you know that it needs to be an exact measurement. To return the X,Y coordinates to their original starting point, just double-click the little box in the upper-left corner.

Guides are exactly what they say they are, "guides." Not every project requires the use of guides, but many do. Guides appear as lines that float over an image and do not print. You can move, remove, or lock a guide to avoid accidentally moving it. Often, you must grid off a section of your image to create a visual idea of where another element will be or to create an area of specific measurement.

You can also set your guides so that your cursor will "snap to" them or hide guides quickly if they become a distraction to your imaging.

TRY IT To create a guide, click and hold on the ruler. (Click the vertical ruler on the left if you want a vertical guide; click the horizontal ruler at the top if you want a horizontal guide.) Drag the guide to where you want it placed on the image and release. You can also create a guide by selecting View I New Guide. In the dialog box, enter coordinates for horizontal and vertical positioning. Click OK and guides will appear over your image.

To lock your guides, select View I Lock Guides or press CTRL-ALT-; (Windows)/CMD-OPTION-; (Mac). To unlock your guides, repeat the command.

Unless a guide is locked, you can remove it by selecting it and sliding it over to the ruler, where it will disappear. (Make sure you use the Move tool when selecting the To temporarily hide guides, press CTRL-; ^ w 1 j u guide.) You can also remove a guide by (Windows)/CMD-; (Mac) , .. , ^ , selecting View I Clear Guides—however,


this removes all the guides.

TRY IT To establish a grid over your image, select View I Show and then select Show Grid from the flyout menu or press CTRL-SHIFT-' (Windows)/CMD-SHIFT-' (Mac).

To alter the increments of a grid, select Edit I Preferences I Guides & Grid. Enter a value for grid spacing in the Gridline Every box (for example, 1) and select the type of units (for example, inches). For Subdivisions, enter a value to subdivide the grid (for example, 4). This example set of specifications would set up a grid that utilized four gridlines within an inch. Your grid can be altered to accommodate your layout.

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