Guides automatically "snap" to the edges of any content on the current layer. This may make it difficult to draw some of your guides. If you run into a problem like this when drawing guides, choose View I Snap To and select None from the flyout menu.

To change a vertical guide to a horizontal guide, or vice versa, hold down the ALT key (Windows) or OPTION key (Mac) while dragging the guide.

To move a guide after you've created it, click the Move tool in the toolbox or press V on your keyboard. Then, position the pointer over the ruler you want to move and drag it to the desired location.

If you can't move a guide, check to make sure it's not locked. Look under the View menu to see if Unlock Guides is an option. If it is, select it to unlock the guides and make them moveable again.

Most web designers don't need to customize their pages for viewing on MSN TV (previously called WebTV) or other set-top devices, because these systems haven't yet gained enough of a following to warrant it. However, if you've determined that a fair amount of your users do indeed view your site through MSN TV or other such systems, there are certain tips you need to keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember is that the screen size is completely fixed at 544x372 pixels for the systems in North America and Japan using the NTSC television standard, and 768x576 pixels for European systems using the PAL standard. This screen size can't be changed by the user or the web designer, and in fact, the MSN TV system actually compresses all web pages to fit horizontally within that space.

iou can download a free viewer for your Mac or PC that simulates the MSN TV system and enables you to see how your pages will look when viewed on MSN TV (http:// developer.msntv.com/Tools/WebTVVwr.asp).

TRY IT To customize your page for MSN TV and other set-top devices, consider the following:

• Avoid critical information in small images, because text isn't as crisp on TV screens.

• Use flexible page layouts whenever possible, so content can rearrange itself to fit within the smaller size.

• Choose Image I Image Size to temporarily shrink your page down to 544 pixels wide and preview how your content looks at that size. After previewing the image, choose Edit I Undo to return to the previous page size.

• Avoid creating page titles over 35 characters in length, because additional characters are cut off anyway.

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