You can also align a layer to a selection by first making a selection in the image and then selecting the layer in the Layers palette within which you want it to align. Then, choose Layer I Align To Selection and choose the appropriate option from the flyout menu.

TRY IT To evenly distribute elements on multiple layers, first make sure at least three layers are linked together by placing a link icon next to each layer name. Then, choose Layer | Distribute Linked and decide how you want to distribute the layers from the following flyout menu. Each option is described in Table 6-4.



Duplicate Layer...


Layer Properties-

Layer Style

New Fill Layer

New Adjustment Layer

Change Layer Content

Layer Content Options...



1 New Layer Based Slice

Add Layer Mask

Enable Layer Mask

Add Vector Mask

Enable Vector Mask

Group Linked 36G



Align Linked

Distribute Linked >

STop Edges

| Lock All Linked Layers.*

S Vertical Centers

Merge Linked S6E

]H[ Bottom Edges

Merge Visible -086E

p |=i Left Edges

Flatten Image


iM Right Edges ^

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