To constrain the proportions of the original text, hold down the SHIFT key while making any transformations.

TRY IT To scale, skew, and/or rotate text from a single command, choose Window I Layers to make sure the Layers palette is visible on the screen. Click once on the type layer you want to transform and press CTRL-T (Windows) or CMD-T (Mac) to quickly access the Free Transform command (which is also accessible by choosing Edit I Free Transform).

Click and drag the anchor points on the bounding box that appears around your text to transform it. In some cases, you need to hold down keys on the keyboard while dragging to perform different types of transformations:

• To rotate the text, move the cursor just outside one of the corners of the box until you see the cursor change to a curved, two-sided arrow, then click and drag.

• To shrink or expand the text, click and drag an anchor point halfway down a side of the bounding box.

• To skew the text, press CTRL-SHIFT (Windows) or CMD-SHIFT (Mac) while dragging a side anchor point.

• To distort the text freely, press CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) while dragging an anchor point; to distort in relation to the center point on an edge of the bounding box, press ALT (Windows) or OPTION (Mac) instead.

• To adjust the perspective of the text, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT (Windows) or CMD-OPTION-SHIFT (Mac) while dragging a corner anchor point.

At any point, you can type CTRL-Z (Windows) or CMD-Z (Mac) to undo the last transformation performed. When you're satisfied with your transformation, press RETURN or ENTER on the keyboard to commit the changes. Press CTRL-. (Windows) or CMD-. (Mac) to cancel the operation.

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