For full color examples of these layer styles, see the Layer Styles section of the color insert.

Of course, multiple styles can be used together to further enhance the text. For example, adding a drop shadow to a text layer that already has a bevel and emboss effect gives you a three-dimensional look.

Once a style is added to and customized for one type layer, it can be copied and pasted onto other type layers with little hassle. Layer styles can also be disabled and re-enabled independently of their parent layer.

TRY IT To add a layer style to a layer of text, first use the Type tool to create some text. Make sure the Layers palette is visible in Photoshop (choose Window I Layers) and that you have your type layer selected in that palette.

You can add a layer style by either choosing Layer I Layer Style from the top menu or clicking the Add Layer Style button at the bottom of the Layers palette. After doing so, choose which layer style to add from the menu, and customize that effect in the Layer Style window, as discussed in Table 7-3. (The Color Overlay, Gradient Overlay, and Pattern Overlay layer styles were discussed previously and aren't included in Table 7-3.)

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