To load additional textures into the texture picker, click the small triangle in the texture picker and choose from any of the texture libraries at the bottom of the pop-up menu.

6. Choose from the remaining options to customize the texture, as shown in the following illustration, and begin painting.

Check to cause -the darkest areas of the texture to get the most paint

Click to select the-

texture to be applied

Click to create a new preset with the current pattern

When checked, texture is reapplied each time the brush touches the canvas

Specifies how randomly the depth (paint thickness) is applied (100% is completely random, 0% is not random at all)

Select the blending mode for the texture as it is applied to the brush tip

Scale the size of the texture

Specifies how thickly the paint is applied to the texture (100% is the thickest)

Specifies the thinnest amount of paint applied when Texture Each Tip is selected and Depth Control is turned on

If selected, specifies how the randomness is controlled

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