^Rasterize EPS Files Created in Other Programs in Photoshop

Photoshop will open most documents with the .eps extension. However, not all layers and vector art will appear as they did in the program with which the EPS was created. For example, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are quite compatible programs—a lot of the shared features do actually cross over from program to program. You can copy and paste from program to program but layers will not be maintained.

If you open an EPS file in Photoshop, the program rasterizes it, regardless of whether it was created in Illustrator or any other program. In other words, it converts all the information to pixels and not vectors. This is helpful, for instance, if you create a graphic in a vector-based drawing program and you want to incorporate it into an image you are creating in Photoshop.

Another great use of this technique is in referencing an actual page layout (from a program like Illustrator) in a Photoshop design. Screen captures, although extremely helpful, capture information at a resolution (72 dpi) that is not suitable for high-quality print design. Suppose you are working on a catalog and you need to showcase ten various book covers and inside spreads of the books. You can simply save those pages as EPS files from your page-layout program, open them in Photoshop, transform them to be the correct size or alter them as needed, and resave them in the correct file format needed. Voila—high-resolution "screen captures" of your book covers.

TRY IT Before you can open a design from a page-layout program, you need to use that program to save a copy of the page as an EPS file:

• In Adobe InDesign, choose File I Export and select EPS as the file type in which to export your file.

• In Adobe Illustrator, choose File I Save As and specify Illustrator EPS as the file type.

• In QuarkXPress, choose File I Save Page As EPS.

Next, open Photoshop and choose File I Open to select that file. As shown in the following illustration, a dialog box appears in which you can verify or change the document size, height, width, and resolution. Photoshop will automatically calculate the size the graphic was last saved in. If you need to change the resolution to match the document you will be using the graphic in, this is where you should enter the correct value.

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