^Remove Fringe Areas to Clean Up Selections

It is common that when you move or copy an irregularly shaped selection—particularly one with anti-aliased or soft edges—a few pixels tag along from outside the selection area. For example, when I used the Magic Eraser tool to quickly remove the green background from the Eagle.psd file found in the Photoshop 7 Samples folder in the previous tip, a few green pixels were stuck around the eagle's

Figure 5-6 The Magic Eraser enables you to delete areas of color with a single click.

white head (refer to Figure 5-6). The Defringe command in Photoshop makes it easy to clean up selections like this one.

TRY IT To clean up selections that have leftover pixels of unwanted color—often called a halo— around the outside edge of a selection, first make sure the selection is on its own layer in Photoshop. For example, if you used the Magic Eraser to remove the green background from the Eagle.psd file in the previous tip, you are left with the eagle itself on Layer 1.

Then, choose Layer I Matting I Defringe and specify the amount of solid color pixels to remove from the edge of the layer. If you're unsure, it's best to try 1 pixel first, because you can always perform the action again to remove additional pixels of color.

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