^Restore Part of an Image to the Previously Saved Version

While the File I Revert command is great for reverting an entire image to its previously saved version, there are times when you only need to revert a portion of an image. In a case like this, you can use brushes to actually paint back the previously saved version on a part of an image.

TRY IT Before restoring part of an image, you need to open the History palette (choose Window I History) and click once in the first box next to the state or snapshot from which you wish to restore. For example, if you want to restore part of an image all the way back to the way it looked when you first opened it, select the first snapshot at the top of the History palette with the name of your file. If you instead want to restore to how the file looked about ten minutes ago, look for the action you performed at that time in your History palette and select that state.

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