Save Selections for Future

After you've made and lost several selections, you may find it necessary to save selections to avoid having to re-create them. Saved selections are stored in the Channels palette and can be easily reselected and edited as necessary.

TRY IT To save an existing selection, make sure the selection is active and choose Select I Save Selection to reveal an options window similar to the following:

To save the selection in the current document, make sure the name of the current document is selected in the Document drop-down menu. The default of New in the Channel menu saves the selection as a new channel in the Channels palette, and is typically the only option you'll use.

In the Name text box, give the selection a name to help identify its contents. In the section labeled Operation, the default operation of New Channel is suitable in most cases. However, if you're trying to use the current selection to edit another saved selection, you'd need to choose one of the other options in that section.

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