Slice Web Designs According to Page Layout

In Chapter 4, I discussed how using guides in Photoshop could go a long way toward helping you plan the final web page layout. In particular, Photoshop guides help you slice web designs into the individual graphics referenced in the page's code.

TRY IT To slice your web designs, first make sure you have the file you want to work with open in Photoshop or ImageReady. In addition, it helps to have guides drawn to indicate where you want to slice the designs. (See the tip "Use Guides to Plan Page Layout" in Chapter 4.) Then, perform any of the following to define your slices:

• Select the Slice tool from the toolbox, or press K on your keyboard. Click and drag to draw boxes around each of the elements and define slice borders.

• Choose Window I Layers to view the Layers palette and click the layer from which you want to create a slice. Then, choose Layer I New Layer Based Slice.

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Learn Photoshop Now

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